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Naming Guardians for your children

Who will care for your child in the event you are unable to?  Whom do you want the court to appoint to care for your child?  A Standby Guardianship is a useful tool for young parents.  This is a tool which can be used by parents of minor children to petition the court in order to allow a person whom they know, and of their choosing to care for their children when they can no longer do so.  When you add the Standby Guardianship to your Will or Living Revocable Trust and the Power of Attorney for Healthcare and the Power of Attorney for Property, you are beginning to lay the foundation your estate.

Any estate plan should be drafted by an attorney, even one as simple as a Will-based estate plan. There can be changes in your life that can complicate your planning, such as divorce, remarriage, children from different relationships, a special needs child, or other considerations. Having an estate-planning attorney discuss your goals with you and keep abreast of the changed circumstances in your life will ensure that your intentions will be met.

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