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Cheers, Ladies! Let's Lift A Glass!

Cheers to the women across the globe! Women have always been a part of history. Peel back the layers of every world event since time began, and you'll uncover a rich tapestry made of the toil, sweat, and tears of their overlooked contributions. I am most grateful for the women in my life that have nurtured me in so many ways and have contributed to the woman I am today. I wish to be half as brave, strong, loving and caring as they have been to me.

My nephew, Grandmother (center), and Mom (right)

I am sharing a few pictures of these amazing women in my life that I have admired the most. My mother was a great example of a hard-working woman. As a single parent, she sacrificed so much for me. I went to law school to ensure a better life for her and me, and I wanted never to disappoint her. Sadly, she left this world just a few months before I graduated. Her imprint on my life is more present now than ever. It's true! We do become our moms!

My mom's mother, my grandmother, is the lady next to her in this picture. My mom would ship me to Ecuador every summer to be with my grandmother so she could work overtime. My grandmother was the BEST! We would play cards together. Eat loads of amazing foods. We took long naps and watched novelas (Spanish soap operas).

My Mother-In-Law

My friend, Estela.

Dottie, another dear friend

We can applaud the women in our midst serving their families, businesses, nonprofits, and friends in our communities. We can reach out with a word of appreciation to moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, female teachers, doctors, businesswomen, volunteers, athletes, whoever—women are diverse.

And finally, we can look for ways to serve oppressed and hurting women denied the opportunity to thrive. A brief glance at global headlines reveals a bleak picture for girls in many places. In many countries, there is a preference for sons, limited access for girls to education and healthcare, physical and sexual violence against women, human trafficking, the exclusion of women in civics and politics, and various cultural practices that put women and girls at risk.

May we be known for our care and delight in all women and our desire to cherish and protect all women this month and every month.

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