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Immigration Policy Changes (USCIS fee increase as of April 1st, 2024!)

Given the unpredictable nature of immigration politics, especially during an election year, it's essential to be aware of potential shifts. With a new president on the horizon, significant changes in immigration policies are possible. Stay informed and act promptly to navigate potential challenges seamlessly.  If you qualify for an immigration benefit right now, now is the time to apply.


Another reason to apply for the benefits that you qualify for is because USCIS fees will increase soon.  Fees have been stable for some time, but brace yourself for the upcoming fee increases. You will save a significant amount on filing fees by filing now instead of waiting until these new fees take effect.   Here are some of the fees that will be going up.

  • Permanent Residency through Marriage will increase to over $2,000 per applicant.

  • Work Visas Petitions (Form I-129) - increases up to $925 based on visa type.  Plus, employers who file a petition for an H-1B or Immigrant Visa Petition for an employee will now pay a new Asylum Program Fee of $600. The fee will cover some of the costs associated with asylum processing, which does not include a fee.   Nonprofit employers and small employer petitioners with 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees will pay half of the Asylum Program Fee, or $300.

See the new fee scheduled effective April 1st, 2024, at

While many of the immigration processes have increased in costs, there will be a reduced fee for citizenship for applicants with a low household income.

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