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Preparing For Probate or Trust Administration

Here is a checklist of important documents to begin probate or trust administration.

Occasionally, this can be an overwhelming and emotional time. Therefore, reading this checklist before a death occurs is a good idea to plan and understand the practical steps of this difficult process.

It is also helpful to keep all your important information in one location and tell someone where you keep it. Here is a checklist of documents to gather:

  • Death certificates

  • Final will

  • Revocable trust documents

  • Contact information for heirs

  • Pre- or post-nuptial agreements

  • Previous three years of federal and state income and gift tax returns

  • Life insurance policies

  • Real estate deeds

  • Vehicle titles

  • Statements of financial accounts

  • Contracts and business agreement documents

  • Appraisals for high-value art, collectibles, or jewelry

  • Inventory of other known assets

  • Known debts & bills (invoices or statements)

  • List of ongoing bills and how they are normally paid

  • Medical and funeral expenses (paid contract)

  • Safety Deposit Box keys

We are equipped to provide affordable and timely probate services for settling an estate with property in any of Florida’s 66 counties.

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