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Some residency interviews at USCIS local offices are being waived.

If you are already present in the United States and looking to obtain a green card, you would likely apply to USCIS for an “Adjustment of Status.” You are asking USCIS to “adjust your status” from whatever type of visa status you currently have to lawful permanent resident (or green card) status.

Typically, when you seek an adjustment of status, USCIS requires you to attend an adjustment of status interview. This requirement is for both family-based and employment-based green cards. However, what we have been seeing most recently is that for some cases – both family-based and employment-based – the green card has been approved without an interview.

This is such great news that cases are starting to get approved faster. Plus, adjustment of status interviews can be very stressful for the applicant, adding more stress to an already difficult process. So, getting a green card without an interview is a huge benefit – and relief – to applicants. This is not an official USCIS policy, it is the Service’s discretion to request an interview or not. Therefore, we are sending all of our cases with everything that the reviewing officer could want and more! If you qualify for residency through adjustment of status do not delay in filing your petition now.

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