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H-1B Electronic Registration Starts March 6, 2024

Prospective petitioners seeking to file H-1B cap-subject petitions, including for beneficiaries eligible for the advanced degree exemption, must first electronically register and pay each prospective beneficiary's registration fee. USCIS has announced that the initial registration period for the FY 2025 H-1B cap will open at noon Eastern on March 6, 2024, and run through noon Eastern on March 22, 2024.  

The electronic registration process streamlines processing by reducing paperwork and data exchange and provides overall cost savings to employers seeking to file H-1B cap-subject petitions.

The H-1B selection process is then run on properly submitted electronic registrations. Only those with selected registrations are eligible to file H-1B cap-subject petitions.

Selections occur after the initial registration period closes, so there is no requirement to register on the day the initial registration period opens. However, you should try to submit your registration on or about March 6, 2024.

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