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Immigration Update: H-1B Cap Season is Upon Us!

Now is the time for US employers to prepare for the H-1B Cap Lottery registration.

H-1B Temporary Worker status is for professional-level workers. The sponsored individual is often, but not always, a foreign student. Since implementing the H-1B Cap Registration process a few years ago, interested employers have until March to register for a chance to sponsor a foreign national worker who is needed for a professional-level position.

There are 65,000 spots in the Regular H-1B Cap and 20,000 in the Advanced Degree Exemption per fiscal year. While changes to the lottery selection process have been considered, the lottery will continue to be a random selection process. This essentially means that all employers will have the same chance of being selected to proceed with sponsorship.

With demand for workers high in general, this year, there is likely to be significant demand by US employers. If you’re an employer interested in sponsoring a foreign national professional level worker for H-1B status, it’s best to begin preparing now; the upfront analysis may require additional time before the limited Employer Registration window.

Contact our office today so we can assist you with this process.

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