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You Can Now Choose Where Your Apple Data Goes When You Die

Your Apple ID data now has a place to go when you die.

With the Digital Legacy service (part of the iOS 15.2 update), you can designate up to five people who can access all your files after your passing.

It's a simple idea to ensure that whatever data you've amassed over the years from using Apple devices - information stored under your Apple ID or backed up to Apple's cloud - isn't lost forever after you're gone.

This is not like giving someone your iPhone code to unlock it. Since you're no longer around to manage your affairs or retrieve essential data, it provides full access to virtually everything stored with your Apple ID. That could include:

  • iCloud Drive files

  • Backups

  • Health data

  • Safari bookmarks

  • ...and maybe more.

It's a lot of information.

Apple does not let you pick and choose what a Legacy Contact can and cannot see. So keep that in mind - and maybe clean it up a bit right now!

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